The best businesses solve the biggest human challenges.

The wealth and income inequality gap that exists within communities and between nations is one of the most pressing challenges we face. We invest in visionary entrepreneurs building companies that are addressing these pressing challenges and remapping the world for a better future.

Global Wealth and Income Divide

The divide between the rich and the poor is growing. Lower income people and nations have less access to high quality education, financial services, employment opportunities, housing, health services, food, and advanced technologies. We are backing innovators using technology to reduce these divides in the area of FinTech, EdTech, Work Tech, Housing Tech, Health Tech, Food Tech, and AI Tech.

What We Do

We invest in the earliest stages of companies including pre-Seed, Seed and Series A. We make $25K to $500K investments in early-stage tech companies in North America and Emerging Markets.

Why We Invest

We believe the purpose of venture investing is not only to disrupt but more importantly to improve lives by solving humanities most pressing challenges. When we launched Remapped Ventures in early 2020, we did not anticipate a world devastated by the impact of a global pandemic. In addition to the global health crisis, COVID-19 painfully exposed the major divides in wealth and income across the globe. Poor people and poor nations disproportionately felt the consequences of both the health and economic crisis. As a result, we shifted our focus to backing the most innovative entrepreneurs addressing the collective challenges in wealth and income inequality in North America and Emerging Markets.